DRIVE STRAIGHT For Total Vehicle Alignments

Improving Vehicle Safety & Road Holding Capabilities geared to specific needs of Heavy vehicles..

Trucks - Prime Movers/Heavy Vehicles

Truck/Prime Mover/Heavy Haulage

Our Speciality!

Regular servicing can improve the efficiency reducing expensive mechanical repairs...

Trailers - Vehicle Alignment settings

Truck Trailers

Fuel Economy

Handling, steerability, stability can have impact on tyre & fuel economy

Buses - Suspension/Brakes/Alignment


Safety and Comfort

Vehicle safety and comfort is paramount in this area of transportation...

4WD's - Suspension/Camber Correction


Off Road Performance

Harsh Australian conditiions can misalign suspension & camber effecting off road performance...

Welcome to Drive Straight.

Total Vehicle Alignments with the latest technology & equipment coupled with quality support & service Drive Straight helps maintain road durability of your vehicle.

Specialising in heavy vehicle steering alignments, Drive Straight offers a dedicated workshop and staff, to assist with any Steering, Suspension or Brake Repair that your Truck, Trailer, Bus or 4WD may require.
Whether it is a triaxle trailer reline, steering king pin replacement,  full suspension re-bush or a spring reset, there is no job too big or too small for our team at Drive Straight.

Workshop Contact    9356 9500


90% Same Day Turnaround
Using our Prior Booking System 90% of all vehicles delivered by 7:am will leave the workshop the same day. For major repairs we will give you an estimated time once job is assessed.

Location - Central transport hub easy access
Welshpool / Kewdale Perth Western Australia South the river.
Please email or phone us to make a booking